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Standards Based Curriculum

At Imagine Schools, we believe that there are four main ingredients of robust, successful learning. Imagine Schools works hard to provide these ingredients in the recipe for student achievement.

·         First, our schools have a dedicated school leader and a team of qualified teachers, all of whom are committed to implement the school's mission and achieve success in our Six Measures of Excellence.

·         Second, we provide our teachers with an interdisciplinary standards-based curriculum that stresses mastery of the basic building blocks of learning, while providing rich, varied subject matter that engages students' curiosity and imagination, as well as promoting positive character development.

·         Third, we ensure that students are able to learn in a school environment that is safe, orderly, purposeful and nurturing.

·         Fourth, we work hard to involve parents and guardians in the school’s educational mission, because we believe that students are generally more successful in school when parents and guardians take an active role in their children's schooling. Imagine Schools' approach to curriculum is to operate within sound, tested educational principles. These principles serve as guidelines for a particular school in the Imagine Schools family to evaluate and select the instructional resources most appropriate for its distinct mission and student population. Imagine Schools provides our schools with The Imagine Schools Standards Based Curriculum, a comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum aligned to state standards.

Imagine Schools is dedicated to meeting the educational needs and aspirations of every student, using the following educational principles:

·         A reading program that emphasizes phonics in the primary grades as well as development of rich vocabulary, comprehension and fluency using a variety of literature.

·         Emphasis on the basic skills of reading fluency, writing, grammar, spelling, oral communication, computation, and problem solving.

·         Character education that is integrated into all classes and subject areas.

·         Curricular materials that integrate rich literature, art, music and drama.

·         Math, science and history curricula that emphasize sequential learning, mastery of critical skills, and project-based activities that accesses various learning styles.

·         Covenants with students and parents/guardians outlining the expectations of participation by the student, parent/guardian, and the school.

·         Frequent and consistent assessment of student progress; the results used to evaluate individual student strengths and weaknesses as well as to improve instruction.

·         Intervention and intensive help for any student who is struggling to learn, or not achieving the grade level expectations in a particular subject area.

·         Challenging materials to enhance the curriculum for students who surpass grade level expectations.